Simba Ring-A-Ring :

Now it's ok to play with your food as long as it is Simba Ring-A-Ring. Its ring shape treats sit cozily around your fingers, making Ring-A-Ring a fun snack to munch on. Not only that, Ring-A-Ring is the perfect blend of wheat flour and potato making it quite unique. Jalapeno flavour made from Mexican chillies add magic to its finger licking taste.


Simba Ringo :

Ringo's are Ring Shaped product with garlic taste & flavoured with spicy tomato. It has a unique blend of garlic and tomato.


Simba Potato Pops :

As Aloo chat is very popular product in North, our product 'Potato Pops' are similar product. It has a chat flavoured on potato snacks.


Simba Onion Rings :

Onion rings is a popular snack in trendy restaurants. They are a great blend of onion with chilli & lime. Simba Onion Rings are made from a combination of wheat, soya and tapioca with a secret blend of great onion flavour. This mouthwatering snack is an all time favourite.


Simba Chipstix :

Simba Chipstix is the perfect snack when you need to munch while on the move. These square shaped hollow long sticks made from imported potato pellets, fried in imported vegetable oil resulting in 25% less oil than regular potato chips. You may choose between

1. Chipstix Original, the original favorite salted to perfection and
2. Chipstix Red Hot, a blend of tomato and chilli for genuine flavors of tang and spice.


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